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A note on future reviews

I mentioned in my catch-up post earlier this month that there would be some changes with regards to reviews at The Book Muncher, but I didn't really specify exactly what those changes would be. So, from now on...

1. I will not be reviewing all the books I read.
While it is true that I didn't review every single book that I read before my blogging hiatus, I did write full length reviews for the majority of them and shorter reviews for most of the books left over. And since I read a lot, that's a lot of reviews! So, in the interest of keeping reviewing fun (instead of feeling like an obligation), I've decided to be more selective in which books I will review here.

2. All reviews will be shorter reviews.
What this mainly means is that I won't be writing my own summaries and the actual review content will be somewhat condensed. I've found that I can usually distill my general opinions about a book down to a few main points, so why not turn those into my review? This also saves me a lot of time—since I tend to be very particular about writing my reviews, down to individual sentences and words, I'm cutting down on time spent perfecting a review (which I can then use to read!).

3. I will be reviewing upcoming books.
When I first started blogging, I sometimes posted reviews of upcoming books that would not come out for several months. Part of this was because I was really excited then to get an early look at these books (I still am!), but then I realized that people might not remember a book because of my review by the time the book finally released. So I stopped posting reviews ahead of time. I've changed my mind now partly because so many of the books I've read lately are advance copies, but also because I feel like I'm going to forget that I was talking about these books by the time they come out. So, I'm experimenting with something in the middle: I'll review books before their release date, but only a couple months in advance at most. That way, hopefully, everyone will remember these books to talk about!

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Anonymous said...

You don't have to post the reviews when you write them you know :P You can write them & save them for a date closer to publication ;)

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